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NW VAG TECH are delighted to announce that we are now part of the Pendle performance network.

Pendle Performance are synonymous for high quality, safe, reliable  tuning for VAG vehicles.

NW VAG TECH has decided to partner with Pendle Performance due to the excellent reputation Pendle Performance has built throughout the VAG community.

All vehicles we tune are road tested prior to any work carried out.


A data log road test is also carried out where any underlying issues will be identified prior to remapping. once the data has been collated we can analyse this back at the workshop. This ensures we will not be adding a map to a vehicle which for example the turbo is struggling to produce enough boost on a standard map due to wear or other issues.  once we are satisfied with this data the mapping work can now begin.

Your vehicles original map file will be read from the vehicle using our specialist equipment. Then uploaded to Pendle Performance HQ along with a copy of the data log we obtained earlier. Martin at Pendle Performance HQ will then analyse the data log.  If happy Martin will modify the file for your vehicle with any custom changes carried out during the process.

once we have recived the modified file back we can upload this back into your vehicle.

A further road test and data log road test is carried out. this data log will then be assessed to ensure the Remap is working correctly and safely. we then upload this to Pendle Performance.

A official certificate is given with all remaps carried out by us which can add value and pedigree to your vehicle.

Pendle Performance… Done Right Done once!!

We stronlgy advise against anyone having a Remap carried out if these basic data logs are not carried out.