Audi Remapping in Daresbury

Audi Remapping in DaresburyAudi remapping in Daresbury might be the solution to sluggish engine performance and lower fuel efficiency. At Vag Tech, we have dealer level knowledge and experience earned during our twenty years specialising in Audi. We are also a well-equipped garage offering all maintenance service and repairs for our Audi owners. The use of cutting edge diagnostic equipment is essential in any garage but our Audi technicians are specialists, trained to master level, in the various electronic systems in your car. Yet, for many of our services, we charge up to 50% less than the dealer. You definitely want engine diagnostic experts for remapping your Audi.

The term electronic remapping frightens some Audi owners. In Daresbury, Audi Remapping is equivalent to what once would have been called fine-tuning the engine. Pre computer technology, engine tuning for maximum performance was a valuable skill comparable to playing music by ear. Not everybody had the ear to make the engine sing. Today we have the assistance of diagnostic programs to adjust your engine’s computer. However, we still need the hands-on skills, an ear for sound and a feel for the power. Vag Tech is our full-service garage for your Audi. For maximum performance and efficiency, your Audi needs regular service and maintenance, even after we’ve undertaken the remapping.

Audi remapping in Daresbury may be preferred because the factory settings are not optimum for the climate you are in. Sometimes factory settings are geared toward the highest fuel efficiency to meet the advertised mpg. So if you feel your engine dragging a bit, contact Vag Tech and we’ll check it out for you. We can quote you a good price for remapping or any other of our services including your annual MOT. Remapping will not damage your car’s computer. It’s not a labour-intensive process and it can be accomplished in under an hour. An overly simplistic example for Audi remapping is allowing a computer tech to change your computer settings on your laptop. It’s a little more complicated than that but you get the idea. We promise personalised customer service and guaranteed satisfaction.


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