Remapping in Danbury

Remapping in Danbury Remapping in Danbury is not illegal, does not mess up the car engine, is not just done by street racers and other enthusiasts and should never be done by a car junkie in his attached garage.  The ECU (engine control unit) or brain in your car comes off the manufacturers assembly programed one way which generally works fine no matter where in the world that car ends up. So it will generally perform acceptably in the desert, plains, mountains and London. However, the ECU can be reset to it’s peak performance based on the specific environment, climate, altitude where that car will spend its life. In addition, different countries have their own performance regulations so the manufacturer’s standard settings will comply with all of them.

Here in the UK, your cars ECU came with a standard setting but there is a specific setting for our area that will allow your car to perform better and that is achieved through remapping. In Danbury, remapping is not illegal and does not move outside government set standards. What it does is boost the power and fuel efficiency of your car’s engine. You may not be keen on having even a qualified mechanic changing factory settings but the truth is, there is no need to worry. We’re only talking about adjusting the settings on your computer and it only takes about thirty minutes. Your car came from the manufacturer with the capability to operate with the remapped settings and other settings as well.

At Vag Tec, remapping in Danbury, means our technicians reset your ECU to the settings that give your car optimum performance in Danbury. If you were in Johannesburg they would be different just as they would if you were in California or Siberia. The settings are there deliberately available to be tweaked to your locale. It’s not essential to do anything. But if you want to take advantage of this option to increase power and save on fuel, contact  Vag Tec. We operate a fully equipped garage to provide full service, including up to date technology. Our technicians can remap your ECU to perfection while you wait. Our techs have decades of experience which is good but remapping as it’s now done is a newer skill. We’ve mastered it.


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