Mini Remapping in Runcorn

Mini Remapping in RuncornVag Tech is the home of mini remapping in Runcorn. Vehicles are designed to perform under different conditions. Most cars can comfortably perform well in different terrains and weather conditions. To achieve acceptable performance anywhere around the world, manufactures program Engine Control Units (ECU) before releasing the car for sale. Although the vehicles perform fairly well, the performance is not at peak levels since the programming is standard and not customised to your specific location and needs. Remapping allows the ECU system to be reset to peak performance based on the specific conditions you live in. The remapping is however done to meet the specific performance regulations governing a specific area for a given manufacturer. When remapping is professionally done the results are immediate. The performance of the car drastically improves alongside the efficiency.

For motorists in Runcorn, mini remapping is not reserved for street racers and car enthusiast. If you want to get the most out of your vehicle we can make it happen. Remapping is not illegal. Standards are put in place to regulate the adjustments made while resetting the ECU. Therefore, only a professional technician should carry out remapping to ensure compliance and prevent damage to your vehicle. Remapping boosts the fuel efficiency and power of an engine. You get the most on performance and spend the least on fuel. The process of remapping is simple and short. The vehicle is hooked up to a computer and the standard settings are reset to the specific needs of the client. In less than 30 minutes, your car is transformed into a high performance machine. No mechanical or electrical adjustments are necessary.

Vag Tech carries out professional mini remapping in Runcorn. Our garages are equipped with all the necessary tools to change the pre-set settings on your ECU and ensure your vehicle is at peak performance. We have years of experience as vehicle technicians and our remapping services are efficient. Our rates are reasonably inexpensive and our services meet the highest standards. We have a friendly staff and a short trip to our garage is enough to boost the performance of your car. Contact Vag Tech to book an appointment and we shall remap your car. It’s fast, it’s simple, it’s exactly what your car needs.


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