Audi Remapping in Daresbury

Audi Remapping in DaresburyFor Audi remapping in Daresbury, visit Vag Tech. We are a full service independent garage with an excellent reputation for fair prices, high quality workmanship and a staff of technicians whose particular specialty is Audi. Your Audi may be running just fine but still may not be at peak performance. You want the most power from your engine and at the same time the most efficient fuel economy. If a check of your Audi indicates that is not happening in your car, then remapping may be the solution. There is almost always room for improvement because manufacturers are obliged to meet certain criteria based on climates, laws for programming at time of manufacture and the quality of fuel. These differences may be geographic. So it’s possible to improve your Audi’s performance based on your location.

For most modern cars, Audi included, the engine is controlled by a computer. In Daresbury, Audi remapping is performed by altering the computer settings. The computer is referred to as the engine control unit or ECU. Some refer to it as the brain and the way it thinks can be changed. Some might find the description for remapping disconcerting. Really, it’s just a tune up that is perfectly normal and safe with the purpose of improving performance and fuel efficiency. We just change the ECU default settings, as you do on your home laptop, to suit your specific preferences. The change requires the proper equipment, skills and experience, which we have. In about an hour your Audi could be performing more efficiently.

Audi remapping in Daresbury is only one of many services our garage offers. We are a full service and repair Audi specialists. Our twenty years of experience means you get all the knowledge of a dealer without the high prices. However, our capabilities extend to all makes and models of vehicles. We can even undertake the remapping of older model Audi’s using a different method known as the chip method. Contact Vag Tech and we will be glad to explain that process and the ECU technicalities to us. Remapping your Audi is not something you must do but it will save you money over the life of the car on fuel and your engine will perform more efficiently. As long as you’ve paid for and are driving a high performance car, why wouldn’t you want the maximum capabilities possible?


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