Seat Leon timing chain replacement CBZ engine

This is a throw back to a job we completed a few months ago.

A customer presented a 2011 Seat Leon with a check engine light on.

The same engine is fitted to many VW Audi Seat and Skoda vehicles.

We carried out a diagnostic check using our VAG diagnostic equipment and found fault code P0016 crankshaft/camshaft correlation.

Whilst carrying out initial diagnostics it was noted that the engine was abnormally loud. The timing chain was suspected to be the cause of this.

Using the correct timing equipment we set about checking the timing of the engine.

We confirmed that the valve  timing was not correct and could therefore rule out any sensor, wiring or control module faults.

By using a correct diagnostic method we were able to provide the customer with an exact quotation for the repair.

Our customer agreed to the repairs we advised. a Genuine timing chain kit was fitted, this kit includes a redesigned and uprated timing chain and sprockets along with a new tensioner.

Unlike many specialists NW VAGTECH have invested in equipment to replaced the crankshaft chain sprockets allowing the modified chain kit to be fitted.  Typically this would only be available at a main dealer. once the timing chain replacement was complete a minor service was carried out along with a thorough road test.

Our customer saved hundreds pounds compared to the dealership quotation.


VW Golf check engine light

This week in the workshop we had a VW Golf 1.6 tdi common rail in. Customer reporting the check engine light is on.  A diagnostic check s carried out  and found fault code P0403 EGR valve Exhaust Gas Recirculation Circuit Malfunction. The fault  traced the fault back to the EGR valve itself which requires replacement. We replaced the EGR valve along with all associated gaskets and seals. once complete we carried out a thorough road test and carried out a further diagnostic check to ensure that the fault has been rectified.