VW Remapping in Warrington

VW Remapping in WarringtonVag Tech is where you want to have your VW remapping in Warrington accomplished. We are specialists with 20 years’ experience specialising in VWs. As an independent, we bring that dealer level knowledge and expertise to our customers well below dealer prices. We offer full service and diagnostics for your VW. However if performance or fuel economy has become an issue then we can adjust that through remapping. You might hear the mapping process referred to as a tune-up or chipped. They all refer to the adjustment of your engine control unit (ECU) to achieve better performance with better fuel efficiency. Because we specialise in VWs, our ECU remapping is customised to achieve the best performance.

Your Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the electronic brain in your car that controls fuelling. In Warrington, VW remapping can be accomplished through the use of the diagnostic port and the standard map which is uploaded to your ECU using special equipment. Uploading a new map can often be completed in under an hour. Don’t waste your money on the over the counter and do it yourself products you see. In order to fully and accurately complete remapping your vehicle, specialised knowledge, experience and tools are needed. If you have more specific performance goals, we can customise your remapping by adjusting your current parameters. We will upload a custom map instead of a general map. Again, this is not something you want to tackle yourself.

VW remapping in Warrington can help regain power and fuel efficiency that is lost over time. The cause for that loss may be driving habits, erratic maintenance or poor quality fuel. Conscientious care and maintenance will help preserve the original performance of your car.  As VW specialists, we undertake that care and maintenance here at our facility. If you have noticed a sluggish engine performance and more frequent fuel fill-ups, perhaps a check-up is due. Maybe a remapping is the right solution. If so, we accomplish the CPU adjustment in a short time. Contact us and schedule your VW in for a performance check. We’ll use our dealer-level experience and skill as VW specialists at a price far below dealer costs.


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