Ghost Immobiliser in Helsby

Ghost Immobiliser in HelsbySafety against car theft can be achieved with a Ghost Immobiliser in Helsby. Newer cars, especially high-end cars, often have immobilisers installed at the factory. It’s security that is personalised because your key has a chip that will open and start you car. Somebody might clone the key but it won’t work because it’s missing the unique chip. The only way to steal an immobiliser equipped car is by towing and even then, the thief won’t be able to drive the car. If your car didn’t come from the manufacturer with this safety device installed, we can install the aftermarket Ghost immobiliser on your car. It will provide the same protection and a couple of extra perks. For instance, this immobiliser is invisible with no giveaway signs like a blinking light. In addition, you set your access code yourself and you can change it yourself. 

You need the access code to disable the immobiliser when you want to drive but that can be a hassle. In Helsby, Ghost immobiliser that we install can be accessed with an IPhone app. Simple and secure. The equipment is top of the line quality for dependability. Our technicians are experienced in the sometimes delicate installation of the Ghost immobiliser. Quality is important so the system is reliable and durable but installation skills are critical to the safe operation of your car. If a tech doesn’t get it connected correctly, your safety is at risk. You might experience the car suddenly stopping for no obvious reason or you could find your key won’t start the car. We are conscientiously aware of the importance of getting it right the first time. 

If you want the security of a Ghost immobiliser in Helsby for your car, we can install one on any vehicle. Ours is an independent full service garage established for twenty years. We offer dealer quality service for less money with the personal service only available from a family owned business. Contact us and schedule your car in for a Ghost immobiliser. When it comes to car theft, there are no longer bad neighbourhoods and safe neighbourhoods. Car thieves are indiscriminate equal opportunity predators who operate round the clock in every town and city. Don’t be a sitting duck for them. Let us install your Ghost immobiliser so you’ll have the confidence to park your car anywhere and know for certain it will be there when you get back.


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