Audi Remapping in Helsby

Audi Remapping in HelsbyConsider Audi remapping in Helsby as a possible solution to enhance your cars’ performance. Your Audi is a high performance car but may not achieve its full potential due to restrictions placed on manufacturers to meet fuel efficiency goals. Sometimes, even the climate can impact performance. When it comes to performance, remapping can make a difference.  At Vag Tech, we have invested in the most sophisticated Audi diagnostics available to help us service, maintain and repair your Audi. These tools, our twenty years’ experience with Audi experience and knowledge is your assurance that our remapping capabilities are superb. So are our prices since we can charge up to 50% less than your dealer.

There is always room for improvement in your Audi engine performance, regardless the age of your car. For car owners in Helsby, Audi remapping by altering the settings of your engine control unit (ECU) for newer cars or using chips for tuning in older cars may enhance performance. Your ECU is a computer that controls engine performance through specific settings. At Vag Tech, we can fine-tune your settings to achieve greater performance and better fuel economy by altering your ECU default settings. In fact, it’s likely that this process of remapping will instantly improve the overall performance of your car. Why settle for less when remapping takes usually less than an hour?

Audi remapping in Helsby should only be undertaken by qualified Audi trained and experienced technicians. At Vag Tech, we have some of the best to carry out, not only remapping, but all diagnostics, maintenance and repairs for your Audi car. Improving performance improves longevity while making your day to day drive more satisfying. Contact Vag Tech and schedule a time to bring your Audi to us for a performance check-up. We’re a family owned garage with a reputation built on honesty and competitive pricing as well as skill. We’ll run a performance test on your car and tell you if we think remapping will enhance your driving experience. We are independent therefore we have the flexibility to offer our services at lower than dealer costs for the same service.


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